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At The Producer’s Firm we believe that a culture of success is not just a tag line. A culture of success comes from the synergy generated when financial professionals share a common goal. That is, to create solutions to a client’s paramount financial fear. Our unique experience, education and expertise can help you provide solutions to issues such as:

  • The fear of outliving income or assets
  • Maintaining financial or physical independence and dignity
  • Passing hard earned assets to heirs or favorite charity

The Producer’s Firm provides unique and forward-thinking solutions to agents for their clients.

Eden and Jody Goss, founding members of The Producer’s Firm have over four decades of combined experience in the insurance industry. The Producer’s Firm was designed to support the elite financial services professional that is committed to growing a reputable practice. This support is accomplished by providing tools that enhance entrepreneurship in the financial services industry.

Linda Shorette, office Manager / Life Marketing Specialist has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry. She has worked in key positions and earned various honors at organizations such as ING and BISYS. Her vast experience enables her to provide exceptional oversight of the insurance marketing and underwriting process. Contact Linda at 1-800-639-2032 or Linda@JEGoss.com

Lisa Newton, new Business / Licensing Specialist has focused on customer service for many years. This includes managing a national retail organization. As a new business and licensing specialists she has become proficient in navigating the process associated with expediting licensing and new business applications. This includes the required skills to ensure that all requirements are obtained and processed in a timely manner. Her oversight enables clients to obtain the desired financial solution as efficiently as possible. You can reach Lisa at 1-800-639-2032 or Lisa@JEGoss.com

  Bianca Noiseux, Director of Retirement Planning Resources has over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, she has excelled in various roles including Financial Advisor, Sales and Marketing Coordinator and Operations Administrator.

Through the years, Bianca has worked with several Financial Advisors to accelerate their practices by acquiring new clients and deepen existing relationships.  Her background in financial planning, portfolio construction, retirement income planning, banking, insurance, business development, marketing and client relations equip her to be a partner to your success.

As Annuity Regional Director, her sole focus is helping our Advisors understand and select proper portfolio solutions and how they lead to better client outcomes.  Tap into her expertise by calling her at
860-956-5377 or email her at Bianca@jegoss.com

Eden C. Goss, vice President has over two decades of experience in the insurance industry. Eden oversaw the processing and paying of claims at Cigna Life. As an integral partner in The Producer’s Firm she has helped to make The Producer’s Firm the preeminent source for financial products and services. She has done this by overseeing proper compensation for services rendered. Eden can be contacted at 1-800-639-2032 or Eden@JEGoss.com

Jody Goss, president has nearly three decades of experience in the insurance industry. He is a nationally recognized expert in the area of estate and Medicaid planning as well as retirement income planning. He is listed in the Library of Congress as an Executive and Professional Who’s Who. He is a prolific speaker on financial services topics and has been asked to communicate his message to CPA’s, attorney’s, insurance professionals as well as on radio, newspaper and other forms of media. He has helped to create several trademarked programs that have been successfully implemented in the financial services community. Jody can be contacted at 1-800-639-2032 or Jody@JEGoss.com



Take 84W to exit 33 onto Route 72W. Stay on Route 72W until the highway ends and becomes Pine St. (you will not turn off of Route 72, just stay straight). Turn left onto Emmett St. to first light, then turn right onto Redstone Hill Rd. 210 Redstone Hill Rd. will be one block on your left. Turn into the parking lot. When you go past the island in the parking lot take an immediate left and our front glass door will be straight ahead. Look for the Suite 5 sign.


Take 84E to exit 31. At the top of the exit turn left onto West St. toward Bristol. You will pass ESPN continue to stop light with Citgo Gas Station on the corner. Turn right onto Redstone Hill Rd. 210 Redstone Hill Rd. will be approximately 1/2 mile on your right (you will see a U.S. Postal blue mail box). Turn into the parking lot. When you go past the island in the parking lot take an immediate left and our front glass door will be straight ahead. Look for the
Suite 5 sign.

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The Producer’s Firm offers omprehensive solutions to all of your financial and insurance needs.

Wealth Preservation Data Collection Process©

Any good plan starts with the data. We have prepared a data collector that not only acquires that data but also helps to isolate the prospects clear and present financial fear.

Legacy Rescue Plan™

A proprietary plan designed by elder law attorney George Guertin and Jody Goss which encourages proper gifts or transfers to protect these from Medicaid spend down. This plan includes a presentation, workshop and unique delivery package.

Life Legacy™

A presentation designed to encourage the use of life insurance to help parents, “spend their kids’ inheritance and have them love you for it.”

Income Max™

IRA Max™ These two programs are designed to help individuals maximize the dollars distributed from retirement accounts. As a result of retirement being some 20-30 years the need for assets to maximized is greater than ever before.

Annuity Max™

Most annuities are passed on to the name beneficiaries creating significant income and potential estate taxes. The Annuity Max™ can help to significantly reduce this. The plan includes an advertising program, report and workshop.

Life Portfolio™ / Family Forum©

When determining the difference between one advisor and another a prospect will often make their determination on who they trust and respect as well as who has a greater value proposition. The Life Portfolio™ and Family Forum© are designed to increase YOUR value proposition. The Life Portfolio™ is a customized data collection vehicle that helps prospects and clients compile their life’s story, the intangibles as opposed to the material assets. These tools have been invaluable in forging new client relationships.